Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Appears in The Way of Kings (mentioned)

Durk is an influence from Kaladin's past. He was a man who cared only for his own skin.[1]

Still, it remains unknown just when Durk and Kaladin met. However, at some point before Kaladin was enslaved, Durk told Kaladin that he was a natural born soldier and an artist with the spear.[2]


Durk is a fairly superstitious man; he wears a pair of 'lucky boots' into every battle.[3]


"Turn a liability into an advantage whenever you can."[1]
"If you were to overthrow the lighteyes and place yourselves in power, abuses would still happen. They'd just happen to other people.[1]
"Gotta do what you can to stay alive ... "[1]
"Don't hedge bets with your life, Kaladin." Durk had always said. "Don't put in a chip when you have a pocket full of marks. Bet them all or leave the table."[1]


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