Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Occupation Head Tester, Bodyguard
Appears in Oathbringer

Dukar is the head of King Taravangian's Testers. He is a bodyguard who is the final adjudicator of Taravangian's daily capacity.[1]

Mrall finds Dukar's duty to be an infuriating check necessary to prevent Taravangian's stupid side from ruining anything, but a mere annoyance when Taravangian is energized, awake, brilliant.[1]

Dukar declares Taravangian to be, in this instance, almost to the danger line.[1]

In a later instance, Dukar took a paper, looked it over, and determined Taravangian to be stupid that day. According to him, he seemed to be stupid more and more often. He thought that perhaps it was his perception. Eight days had passed since the Battle of Thaylen Field. He wasn't certain Dalinar would ever trust him again, but giving him some truth had been a calculated risk. For now, Taravangian was still part of the coalition.[2]

He announced to Mrall that Taravangian was weak of mind that day. That he could interact, but should not make important policy decisions. Further, that they could not trust his interpretation of the Diagram..[2]


He is said to wear a ridiculous stormwarden robe with glyphs all along the seams.[1]


He is described as being fidgety.[1]

Taravangian considers him to be a faithful friend.[2]


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