Drinks on Roshar include various teas, beers, wines, and stronger liquors. Among these are the following:

  • Horneater lager is so strong that it melts cups.[1]
  • Horneater white is a clear liquid fermented from an unknown substance. Upon swallowing it, there is a burning that follows, and a warming inside one's body. According to Veil, it is even fouler tasting than Veden saph.[2]
  • Lavis beer, ale and liquor (or hard honu) are all substances made from lavis grain.[3][4][5] Lavis ale is yellow-brown, sudsy, and faintly sweet.[1]
  • Shiki is a brownish Unkalaki drink that Rock makes for Bridge Four (which they don't drink, choosing beer instead). In its creation, he chills it overnight, but during a training session in Narak, Huio adds some lazbo to a batch and it becomes a tastier drink, much to Rock's surprise.[6]
  • Veden saph, single barrel is likened by Veil to have the potency of water.[2]
  • Wine comes in several colors; blue, orange, violet, and yellow have been mentioned.[7]


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