Biographical information
Ethnicity Rianalese
Nationality Rianalese
Gender Male
Status Alive
Abilities Surgebinder (Windrunner Squire)
Physical Description
Hair Color Blond
Occupation Bridgeman, Squire
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Drehy is a bridgeman in Bridge Four from Rianal. He is quick to learn to fight with a spear.[1]


He is a tall, lanky, blond man (though he is balding) ... long-limbed and muscled.[1][2][3]

According to Shallan, he is "handsome".[4]


Drehy was a member of Bridge Four when Kaladin began trying to save the bridgemen. He was amongst the first to defend Kaladin, even while others taunted him.

While the crew was in the chasms scavenging, Kaladin spoke with Rock, Teft, and Dunny, and with prompting, Drehy spoke a bit as well.[5] When they were being taught spear moves by Kaladin, Drehy, along with Skar, learned almost as quickly as Moash did.[1] Drehy was also among the first bridgemen that Kaladin trained in first aid, along with Rock and Skar.[6]

After witnessing the abandonment of Dalinar by Sadeas in the battle of the Tower, Drehy remarked that it made him sick.[7] When shocked by Kaladin's display of his abilities, Drehy swore by the Brightcaller’s rays[7] and later speculated that Kaladin might well be a spren, rather than a man.[8]

Drehy joined the Honor Guard of Dalinar and took turns guarding House Kholin, along with the rest of the former members of Bridge Four, under Kaladin's leadership. He helped to train the bridgemen from other crews as well.[9]

As the Alethi armies approached the center plateau of the Shattered Plains, Drehy and Skar were assigned to guard Adolin. After Adolin received the order to attack, he asked both Drehy and Skar if they were going to stay behind due to Kaladin's aversion to bridgemen participation in battle against the Parshendi. Drehy insisted on fighting, asserting that they were no longer dealing with Parshendi.[10]

Drehy and Skar kept up with Adolin during the battle. At one point, Drehy helped cut the Parshendi's ropes from Adolin and assured the prince that the Parshendi would send real attacks against him eventually.[11]

Drehy and Skar then saved Adolin from falling off the plateau[12] and a little later helped him get his armor off when it lost most of its Stormlight.[13]

Much later, Drehy was selected from amongst the best of Bridge Four by Teft to assist Adolin and Shallan in their battle against the Unmade, Re-Shepir, in the heart of Urithiru. Drehy played a fairly important role in the battle, standing in front of Shallan at one point, and stabbing one of the creatures of Re-Shephir through its head with his spear.[4]

During a meeting between Sigzil and Kaladin, Sigzil informed Kaladin that Drehy had been courting a man named Dru from the market district and asked if Drehy needed to fill out forms for social reassignment. Kaladin told Sigzil that no such form existed for the Alethi.[14] *

When Rock set out with other members of Bridge Four to see what had become of Rock's family that was traveling to Urithiru by way of the Shattered Plains, he discovered that the caravan was attacked; Drehy noted that it was the work of the Voidbringers.[15]

Drehy was chosen, along with Skar, by Kaladin to be part of the group that traveled to Kholinar to get an update on the city. This choice by Kaladin showed that with the absence of Moash, Drehy was regarded as one of the better fighters amongst the members of Bridge Four. During the trip to Kholinar, Drehy flew using [16], meaning that he then had the powers of a Windrunner squire.[17]

During the infiltration of and subsequent siege of Kholinar, Drehy played a vital role. As one of the better warriors of the group, Drehy helped guard Shallan and Adolin throughout their time in Kholinar and also helped Kaladin during the battle of the palace to push back the enemy. When Shallan began her way to the Oathgate to battle the Unmade, Drehy was sent by Kaladin to assist her and keep the palace guard and the Fused away from her while she focused her attention on the Unmade. Drehy was not of the members of the group to travel to the Shadesmar, instead remaining in Kholinar with Skar to attempt to continue the battle.[18]

Working on information gained by spanreed, Kaladin traveled to a cave on the coast of Alethkar. Entering the cave, Kaladin discovered that Drehy and Skar survived and escaped Kholinar with young Gavinor. They had smeared ash on their foreheads to hide their tattoos, and both looked weak and exhausted from their travels. Showing Gavinor to Kaladin, Drehy spoke the Second Ideal of the Windrunners.[3]


Drehy has been confirmed by Brandon to be homosexual.[19] *

"Drehy," Kaladin said, "you are literally courting a man."

"So?" Drehy said. "Yeah, what are you saying, Kal?" Skar snapped. "Nothing! I just thought Drehy might empathize ... ." "That's hardly fair," Drehy said. "Yeah," Lopen added. "Drehy likes other guys. That's like ... he wants to be even less around women than the rest of us. It's the opposite of feminine. He is you could say extra manly."

–Kaladin to Drehy, to Skar to Lopen[20]

Peter is quoted as saying, "Drehy, a member of Bridge Four, is gay. He's based on a good friend of mine who is gay."[21]


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