Ten spears

Symbol of the Knights Radiant
Drawing by Ben McSweeney

The divine prism, with its ten facets representing each of the Heralds, is further comprised of the Double Eye of the Almighty, which represents the creation of plants and creatures on Roshar.[1] It is described as a stylized symbol; a golden hourglass shape, of eight spheres connected with two at the center. It was the symbol of the Lost Radiants when they had been called the Knights Radiant.[2]

In Vorinism, the symbol was sometimes simply referred to as the Double Eye.[3][2]


The divine prism has appeared in the Words of Radiance interlude chapters of Ym, Rysn, Lhan, and Taravangian. It also appeared in that novel's Chapter 29, which is a Sadeas PoV, and that novel's Epilogue.


The symbol, and idealism in symmetry, are inspired by the ten Sephirot of the Kabbalah.[4][5]


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