Biographical information
Gender Male
Died Shadowdays
Social Information
Title(s) King
Appears in The Way of Kings (mentioned)

Derethil was a king on Roshar, who ruled during the Shadowdays, before the Last Desolation.


Derethil was tall, regal, and blessed with fair skin and light eyes. He is well known in some lands in Western Roshar.[1]


Derethil lived through a Desolation and fought the Voidbringers. He was a powerful man, commander of thousands, leader of tens of thousands. When there was finally peace, he found he was not content and set to seek out the origin of the Voidbringers, westward across the Ocean of Origins, the place where they had been spawned.[1]

Derethil commissioned the Wandersail, the finest ship men had ever known, intended to do what none had dared before: sail the seas during a highstorm. They cast off westwards and sometime later they crashed on an island in an archipelago surrounded by a whirlpool. Derethil and most of his sailors survived.[1]

The island's people called themselves the Uvara, the People of the Great Abyss. They nursed the survivors from the Wandersail back to health. Derethil discovered that the Uvaran emperor was dead, which caused chaos and rioting amongst the Uvaran's. They escaped the island on Wandersail with Nafti, the crew's guide and caretaker.[1]

Some stories says that Derethil and his men managed to return.


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