Death Rattles are the last words which are sometimes uttered by the dying. There are some who are intentionally being drained of their own blood to produce the effect of these words in a secret hospital beneath Taravangian's palace in an effort to supplement the Diagram.[1][2]

Last WordsEdit

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These quotes are related to the (likely) Unmade, Moelach. Apparently, his presence causes some dying individuals to experience precognitive events in the form of cryptic utterances in their final moments of life.[3] For this reason, Taravangian created the hospital in which the deaths are induced because some of the dying speak cryptic sentences just seconds before their deaths concerning the True Desolation or Everstorm. So, in order to prepare for it, he began collecting the quotations through the Silent Gatherers.[4]


The Thrill and the Death Rattles started around the same time, but the locations for the two fluctuate and have been since they appeared.[5]


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