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The Dawnsingers were widely believed to have given humanity the gifts of the symmetrical glyphs and Alethi Script.[1]

"... Surely you know the story, that both glyphs and letters came from the Dawnsingers?"

Kabsal to Shallan[1]

They also founded the Dawncities and possibly cut the chambers of the Palanaeum. They likely existed during or before the Heraldic Epochs.

"... Some think these chambers might have been cut by the Dawnsingers themselves."

–Explained to Shallan by a master-servant about the Palanaeum[2]

According to the ardentia, the Dawnsingers are believed to be some sort of kindly spren, healers, sent by the Almighty to care for humans once they were forced out of the Tranquiline Halls.[3]

"What about the Dawnsingers? ... Couldn't they have created it?"

"That isn't the kind of thing the Dawnsingers did. They were healers, kindly spren sent by the Almighty to care for humans once we were forced out of the Tranquiline Halls."

–Shallan to Kabsal[3]


The Eila Stele is an ancient document written in the Dawnchant by one of the Dawnsingers. It is perhaps the oldest document in written memory, according to Rosharan scholars. Of all the Dawnchant documents being translated, this is the one scholars were most eager to translate.[4]

The document reveals that the Dawnsingers were Parshendi (or singers) and the native inhabitants of Roshar, thereby destroying the theory amongst the ardentia that the Dawnsingers were spren. Humankind had come to Roshar seeking help after accidentally destroying their own world (i.e., Ashyn) with Surgebinding. Commanded by their gods and motivated by their pity, the Dawnsingers helped humankind, only to be betrayed. They had called humankind Voidbringers, for they had brought a void that sucked in all emotion.[4]

These events described the first Desolation and was the truth that led to the Day of Recreance.[4]

Q&A with Brandon[]

Q. You once told me that Roshar is the name of the planet from the cosmere-literate point of view. Were the Dawnsingers cosmere-literate?

A. There are various levels of cosmere awareness.[5]