Cremlings from Shallan's sketchbook
Drawing by Ben McSweeney[1]

Cremlings are a group of tiny scavenger crustacean-like creatures found on Roshar. The term cremling is often used to degrade and insult.

They are common in nearly every freshwater habitat, where crem is found. Cremlings' appearance is not uniform. They are small and multilegged, bearing tiny claws and elongated bodies plated with carapace. Cremlings that display red claws indicate that they are poisonous.[2]

Cremlings are scavengers that feed on plants[3] and the dead.[4]

There are colorful cremlings: those with translucent reddish color and those with shaded carapaces.[5] Like other crustaceans, they have purple blood.[6]

The tiny creatures, which are commonly found in crem, are also known as "storm’s leavings." They scatter at the first sign of danger, retreating to their cracks and burrows. They are commonly used synchronously with "coward" as a derogatory term. Rotting wood and stagnant pools of water are good for growing cremling larvae.

Cremlings are strange in Tashikk, and they only get stranger the farther west one travels. Closer to mountain ranges, some can even fly.[7]

Lift comes across a strange little cremling in the city of Yeddaw that, to her, is smaller than most, black, with a thin carapace and a strip of fuzzy brown on its back that seems spongy.[7]

She also experiences a cremling that inches across a step, then clicks its chitin legs as if laughing. She surmises that there are strange cremlings in Yeddaw.[8]


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