Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Dead
Occupation Soldier
Appears in The Way of Kings

Coreb was one of Kaladin's friends and a highly skilled warrior in Kaladin's squad of soldiers in Amaram's army. He was the most skilled amongst them to survive the attack of the anonymous Shardbearer (i.e., Helaran).[1]

Having won the Shardbearer's Plate and Blade and not wanting them, Kaladin states to Amaram that he wants the Shards to be given to Coreb; that Coreb is the highest ranked of his soldiers and the best fighter among them. Kaladin knew that Coreb would take care of them ... once he was a lighteyes.[1]

Instead, Amaram's attendants murdered the last four of Kaladin's squad to survive the attack: Reesh, Hab, Alabet, then Coreb at Amaram's instruction.[1]

Coreb lasted the longest, though one of Amaram's men eventually severed his head from his neck.[1]


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