The Cobalt Guard is an elite group who serve as House Kholin's honor guard. Their duty is to protect the Highprince and his family from harm.

We are the Cobalt Guard ... . Our duty is to protect Brightlord Adolin.

–Captainlord Malan to Kaladin[1]


Members of the Cobalt Guard wore deep blue felt caps and cloaks over silvery breastplates and deep blue trousers. The Guard was comprised of lighteyes of low rank, able to carry swords for close fighting.[2]

Known MembersEdit

During the War of Reckoning, members of the Cobalt Guard included the following:

  • Head of the Guard, Niter
  • Captainlord Malan
  • Tibon
  • Marks
  • Four more unnamed men


Following the incident of the battle at the Tower, the Cobalt Guard had nearly been wiped out, and the remaining men were needed to augment the King's Guard. Highprince Dalinar made an offer to Kaladin - and members of Bridge Four - to become the new honor guard.[3]

While they accepted the honor of protecting Dalinar and his family, they chose not to be known as the Cobalt Guard and instead to retain the name Bridge Four, thus likely ending the battalion's history.


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