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Art from Shallan's sketchbook
Drawing by Ben McSweeney

A chull is a crustacean-like creature common to Roshar. There are many breeds of the animals and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Domesticated chulls are often used in place of horses for hauling. Large chulls are nearly as big as the wagons they haul and, when pulled into their shells for the night, appear as lumps in the darkness, barely distinguishable from boulders.[1] Like chasmfiends, chulls have gemhearts in their bodies, but they are a lot smaller than chasmfiends.[citation needed]


Chull Cycle
Drawing by Isaac Stewart

Chulls have red carapace, thick red legs with claws, bulging shells like stone, and … antennae. It was said their claws could snap a man's arm, however, chulls are docile, particularly domesticated ones and are not known to harm anyone.[2]

Their shells are lighter than they appear, and chulls are not hurt when the shells are cracked or shaped. Some people sand flat places on top to ride, and many carts are hooked to fitting drilled directly into the shell.[3]


Chulls move at chull speed; they cannot be coaxed to go faster.[4]


Dalinar used chulls to pull bridges across the Shattered Plains during the war, rather than put the lives of bridgemen at risk.[5]

There are two major ways of directing a chull. One is similar to that of a horse, with complex leather workings, and the other involves tapping the antennae of a chull with a long pole to indicate direction.[3]

Chull Head[]

Rock believes that chull head is very good to eat; that it is the best part of a chull.[6]

Chull Dung[]

Angered about his nuatoma's death, Rock thought that the tongues of lowlanders were all scorched and burned by the food they ate, that they had no taste. As a result of his actions shortly thereafter, he learned that chull dung apparently had a stronger taste than he assumed.[7]

"Wait," Teft said. "You put chull dung in Highprince Sadeas's soup?" "Er, yes," Rock said. "Actually, I put this thing in his bread too. And used it as a garnish on the pork steak. And made a chutney out of it for the buttered garams. Chull dung, it has many uses, I found."

–Rock, in response to Teft[7]