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This is the chronology of events related to The Stormlight Archive and the cosmere in which it is set, based on dates and information provided within the novels and supporting material.

Heraldic Epochs[]

Eighth Epoch, circa -4000:

4500 years before the War of Reckoning, circa -3333:

Era of Solitude (modern era)[]

The Era of Solitude follows the Heraldic Epochs:[3]

Five centuries before:

Recent events[]

Year BT Events
1138 -29
1139 -28
1147 -20
1150 -17
1153 -14
1155 -12
1163 -4
1165 -2
1166 -1
  • King Gavilar and Dalinar travel to the Shattered Plains. Dalinar's scouting party encounters the Parshendi for the first time. Gavilar shows an uncharacteristic interest, an obsession, even, with the Parshendi.[11]
  • The dying begin speaking of what lies beyond.
  • Szeth is sold to an Alethi merchant, Vstim.
  • Brightlord Wistiow dies. Brightlord Roshone replaces him as city lord two months later.
1167 0
  • King Gavilar is assassinated by Szeth, during a treaty-signing with the Parshendi. Gavilar passes a black orb to Szeth.[12]
  • The Vengeance Pact is formed, ten Alethi highprinces and armies venture to the Shattered Plains to fight the Parshendi.
1168 1
  • Dalinar wins a Parshendi Shardblade and Plate on the Shattered Plains, and gives both to King Elhokar.
  • Kaladin and Tien join Amaram's army.[13]
1171 4
  • Shallan's brother, Helaran, disappears and is proclaimed dead.[14]
1172 5
  • Kaladin becomes a squadleader in Amaram's army. Kaladin rescues Amaram, killing a Veden Shardbearer, and gives up his Shardblade and Plate. Betrayed by Amaram, Kaladin is branded as a traitor and sold into slavery.[15]
  • King Taravangian obtains Szeth's Oathstone and, thereby, gives him a hit list.
1173 6