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In the calendar on Roshar, there are ten months in a year, ten weeks to a month, five days to a week.[1] Both the months and the weeks are named after the numbers in the Ars Arcanum. See additional connections under the ten essences.


Weather and seasons are unpredictable, typically lasting a few weeks each.[2] The Weeping, however, is consistent; it marks the end of an old year, and the coming of a new one, with four weeks of constant rain. There are no highstorms during the Weeping.[2] Gemstones cannot be infused during the Weeping,[2] which can be problematic to the people of Roshar, and especially the Knights Radiant.

The Weeping is so consistent, that it is used to determine people's ages as well.[2] However, after the Parshendi release the Everstorm, the Weeping alternately stops and restarts repetitively. It acts strange, like regular weather, rather than the long, mild highstorm it is supposed to be.[3]

Even so, following the Weeping, people often find as many dead plants around the town as they do after a strong highstorm.[4]

Lightday is the single clear day in the middle of the Weeping. Every other year a highstorm arrives on Lightday, but it is otherwise free of storms. The years without the highstorm are known as Light Years.[5]

Midpeace is a period opposite the Weeping, also when there are no highstorms. The Middlefest fair in Jah Keved is held during Midpeace.[6]

Table of Listed Months[]

Both the months and the weeks are named after the numbers in the Ars Arcanum. The names of the months are variations of the week and month names. It is unknown if the variations are language based or if there is some other reason.

Month Names by Endings[]

Number Month ah (Palah ?) shah (Palah ?) ach

( Chach?)

ash (Shash?)


anes es




1 Jes Jesnan Jesachev
2 Nan Nanes
3 Chach Chachanan
4 Vev Vevahach Vevishes Vevanev
5 Palah Palahevan Palaheses Palahishev
6 Shash Shash Shashanan Shashabev
7 Betab Betab Betabanan Betabanes
8 Kak Kakevah Kakashah Kaktach Kakash Kakakes Kakanev
9 Tanat Tanatesach Tanatanes Tanates Tanatanev
10 Ishi Ishashan

Complete Calendar[]

This table contains the assumed names of every day of the year, every month of the year, and every day of the week. These names are extrapolated from the patterns found in the novels of The Stormlight Archive.

1 2 3 4 5
Month Week Jesel Nanel Chachel Vevel Palahel
1 Jes 1 Jeses Jeseses Jesesan Jesesach Jesesev Jesesah
2 Jesan Jesanes Jesanan Jesanach Jesanev Jesanah
3 Jesach Jesaches Jesachan Jesachach Jesachev Jesachah
4 Jesev Jeseves Jesevan Jesevach Jesevev Jesevah
5 Jesah Jesahes Jesahan Jesahach Jesahev Jesahah
6 Jesash Jesashes Jesashan Jesashach Jesashev Jesashah
7 Jesab Jesabes Jesaban Jesabach Jesabev Jesabah
8 Jesak Jesakes Jesakan Jesakach Jesakev Jesakah
9 Jesat Jesates Jesatan Jesatach Jesatev Jesatah
10 Jesish Jesishes Jesishan Jesishach Jesishev Jesishah
2 Nan 1 Nanes Naneses Nanesan Nanesach Nanesev Nanesah
2 Nanan Nananes Nananan Nananach Nananev Nananah
3 Nanach Nanaches Nanachan Nanachach Nanachev Nanachah
4 Nanev Naneves Nanevan Nanevach Nanevev Nanevah
5 Nanah Nanahes Nanahan Nanahach Nanahev Nanahah
6 Nanash Nanashes Nanashan Nanashach Nanashev Nanashah
7 Nanab Nanabes Nanaban Nanabach Nanabev Nanabah
8 Nanak Nanakes Nanakan Nanakach Nanakev Nanakah
9 Nanat Nanates Nanatan Nanatach Nanatev Nanatah
10 Nanish Nanishes Nanishan Nanishach Nanishev Nanishah
3 Chach 1 Chaches Chacheses Chachesan Chachesach Chachesev Chachesah
2 Chachan Chachanes Chachanan Chachanach Chachanev Chachanah
3 Chachach Chachaches Chachachan Chachachach Chachachev Chachachah
4 Chachev Chacheves Chachevan Chachevach Chachevev Chachevah
5 Chachah Chachahes Chachahan Chachahach Chachahev Chachahah
6 Chachash Chachashes Chachashan Chachashach Chachashev Chachashah
7 Chachab Chachabes Chachaban Chachabach Chachabev Chachabah
8 Chachak Chachakes Chachakan Chachakach Chachakev Chachakah
9 Chachat Chachates Chachatan Chachatach Chachatev Chachatah
10 Chachish Chachishes Chachishan Chachishach Chachishev Chachishah
4 Vev 1 Veves Veveses Vevesan Vevesach Vevesev Vevesah
2 Vevan Vevanes Vevanan Vevanach Vevanev Vevanah
3 Vevach Vevaches Vevachan Vevachach Vevachev Vevachah
4 Vevev Veveves Vevevan Vevevach Vevevev Vevevah
5 Vevah Vevahes Vevahan Vevahach Vevahev Vevahah
6 Vevash Vevashes Vevashan Vevashach Vevashev Vevashah
7 Vevab Vevabes Vevaban Vevabach Vevabev Vevabah
8 Vevak Vevakes Vevakan Vevakach Vevakev Vevakah
9 Vevat Vevates Vevatan Vevatach Vevatev Vevatah
10 Vevish Vevishes Vevishan Vevishach Vevishev Vevishah
5 Palah 1 Palahes Palaheses Palahesan Palahesach Palahesev Palahesah
2 Palahan Palahanes Palahanan Palahanach Palahanev Palahanah
3 Palahach Palahaches Palahachan Palahachach Palahachev Palahachah
4 Palahev Palaheves Palahevan Palahevach Palahevev Palahevah
5 Palahah Palahahes Palahahan Palahahach Palahahev Palahahah
6 Palahash Palahashes Palahashan Palahashach Palahashev Palahashah
7 Palahab Palahabes Palahaban Palahabach Palahabev Palahabah
8 Palahak Palahakes Palahakan Palahakach Palahakev Palahakah
9 Palahat Palahates Palahatan Palahatach Palahatev Palahatah
10 Palahish Palahishes Palahishan Palahishach Palahishev Palahishah
6 Shash 1 Shashes Shasheses Shashesan Shashesach Shashesev Shashesah
2 Shashan Shashanes Shashanan Shashanach Shashanev Shashanah
3 Shashach Shashaches Shashachan Shashachach Shashachev Shashachah
4 Shashev Shasheves Shashevan Shashevach Shashevev Shashevah
5 Shashah Shashahes Shashahan Shashahach Shashahev Shashahah
6 Shashash Shashashes Shashashan Shashashach Shashashev Shashashah
7 Shashab Shashabes Shashaban Shashabach Shashabev Shashabah
8 Shashak Shashakes Shashakan Shashakach Shashakev Shashakah
9 Shashat Shashates Shashatan Shashatach Shashatev Shashatah
10 Shashish Shashishes Shashishan Shashishach Shashishev Shashishah
7 Betab 1 Betabes Betabeses Betabesan Betabesach Betabesev Betabesah
2 Betaban Betabanes Betabanan Betabanach Betabanev Betabanah
3 Betabach Betabaches Betabachan Betabachach Betabachev Betabachah
4 Betabev Betabeves Betabevan Betabevach Betabevev Betabevah
5 Betabah Betabahes Betabahan Betabahach Betabahev Betabahah
6 Betabash Betabashes Betabashan Betabashach Betabashev Betabashah
7 Betabab Betababes Betababan Betababach Betababev Betababah
8 Betabak Betabakes Betabakan Betabakach Betabakev Betabakah
9 Betabat Betabates Betabatan Betabatach Betabatev Betabatah
10 Betabish Betabishes Betabishan Betabishach Betabishev Betabishah
8 Kak 1 Kakes Kakeses Kakesan Kakesach Kakesev Kakesah
2 Kakan Kakanes Kakanan Kakanach Kakanev Kakanah
3 Kakach Kakaches Kakachan Kakachach Kakachev Kakachah
4 Kakev Kakeves Kakevan Kakevach Kakevev Kakevah
5 Kakah Kakahes Kakahan Kakahach Kakahev Kakahah
6 Kakash Kakashes Kakashan Kakashach Kakashev Kakashah
7 Kakab Kakabes Kakaban Kakabach Kakabev Kakabah
8 Kakak Kakakes Kakakan Kakakach Kakakev Kakakah
9 Kakat Kakates Kakatan Kakatach Kakatev Kakatah
10 Kakish Kakishes Kakishan Kakishach Kakishev Kakishah
9 Tanat 1 Tanates Tanateses Tanatesan Tanatesach Tanatesev Tanatesah
2 Tanatan Tanatanes Tanatanan Tanatanach Tanatanev Tanatanah
3 Tanatach Tanataches Tanatachan Tanatachach Tanatachev Tanatachah
4 Tanatev Tanateves Tanatevan Tanatevach Tanatevev Tanatevah
5 Tanatah Tanatahes Tanatahan Tanatahach Tanatahev Tanatahah
6 Tanatash Tanatashes Tanatashan Tanatashach Tanatashev Tanatashah
7 Tanatab Tanatabes Tanataban Tanatabach Tanatabev Tanatabah
8 Tanatak Tanatakes Tanatakan Tanatakach Tanatakev Tanatakah
9 Tanatat Tanatates Tanatatan Tanatatach Tanatatev Tanatatah
10 Tanatish Tanatishes Tanatishan Tanatishach Tanatishev Tanatishah
10 Ishi 1 Ishies Ishieses Ishiesan Ishiesach Ishiesev Ishiesah
2 Ishian Ishianes Ishianan Ishianach Ishianev Ishianah
3 Ishiach Ishiaches Ishiachan Ishiachach Ishiachev Ishiachah
4 Ishiev Ishieves Ishievan Ishievach Ishievev Ishievah
5 Ishiah Ishiahes Ishiahan Ishiahach Ishiahev Ishiahah
6 Ishiash Ishiashes Ishiashan Ishiashach Ishiashev Ishiashah
7 Ishiab Ishiabes Ishiaban Ishiabach Ishiabev Ishiabah
8 Ishiak Ishiakes Ishiakan Ishiakach Ishiakev Ishiakah
9 Ishiat Ishiates Ishiatan Ishiatach Ishiatev Ishiatah
10 Ishiish Ishiishes Ishiishan Ishiishach Ishiishev Ishiishah


Each of the ten months, ten weeks and five days are referred to as numbers named in the Ars Arcanium. To refer to a specific day of the year, the base month is appended with the suffix for the week, then the suffix for the day is appended.

# Name Suffix
1 Jes es
2 Nan an
3 Chach ach
4 Vev ev
5 Palah ah
6 Shash ash
7 Betab ab
8 Kak ak
9 Tanat at
10 Ishi ish

For example "Vevishes" (The Way of Kings: Chapter 6) -


Vev = 4th month

ish (Ishi) = 10th week of the month

es (Jes) = 1st day of the week


There are some inconsistencies with the pattern when compared to a couple of days as written within The Way of Kings. This may be due to some spelling variations inherent in the language.

A week referred to as "Jesnan" in The Way of Kings would be "Jesan" according to this pattern.

A day referred to as "Kaktach" in The Way of Kings would be "Kakatach" according to this pattern.

Otherwise the pattern seems to hold true.


The weeks and months of the year also follow this chart, but they're all named after numbers. A few notes about the Rosharan calendar: for the first few epigraphs in The Way of Kings, they're dated with the week and month. For example, the Prologue therein has an epigraph from week Palah of month Shash. Later, the week and month are combined; such as Ishashan, which would be week Ishi of month Nan. Weeks and months are not noted in the chart, since they're exactly the same as the numbers. There seem to be ten weeks for each of the ten months. Each week is five days,[1] which means that the year is at least five-hundred days long.

(User neverearth from the defunct posted this theory on the calendar.)

THE MONTH, WEEK, AND DAY ARE ALL BLENDED TOGETHER. In the above example (Ishashan) the month is Ishi(10) week Shash(6) and day Nan(2)

Week-Month Pairings[]

Weeks are across the top months working down. An asterisk * has been added to those placed in possibly two or more places.

Jes Nan Chach Vev Palah Shash Betab Kak Tanat Ishi
Jes Jeses Nanes Chaches Veves Palaheses Shashes Betabes Kakakes Tanates Ishes
Nan Jesnan Chachanan Shashanan Betabanan Ishashan
Chach Jesach Vevahach Kaktach Tanatesach
Vev Jesachev Vevanev Palahishev * Shashabev* Kakanev
Palah Jesah Kakashah
Shash Jesash Kakash
Betab Shashabev*
Kak Jesak
Ishi Jesish Vevishes Palahishev*
@@@ Betabanes (Jes?) Kakevah Tanatanes

@@@ Those so marked do not fit any specific month that is obvious, nor do they conflict with another name.

Days of the Week[]

As there are five weekdays, they are likely named after variations of the first five numbers, Jes, Nan, Chach, Vev and Palah. The only weekdays named in the books (as of Words of Radiance) are Jesel and Chachel, the first and third days of the week.


There is a detailed Roshar date system here.

According to Brandon, the calendars for all worlds within the cosmere are different from one another.[7]

Additional/External Links[]

  • On-site, there is a chronology for major events and character timelines.
  • Off-site, there is a cosmere timeline here.

Q&A with Brandon[]

Q. If Roshar's years are 500 days along, and I say someone is twenty years old, how does that equate to Earth time?

A. It equates to actually about 10% difference. Because while the years are 500 days, the days are shorter, and there are fewer months. It all works out mathematically to about 10%. So if I say someone is twenty in the books, they are twenty-two in Earth years. So kind of keep that in mind.

It's a small enough difference, I feel, that people who don't notice it or know about it won't really be thrown for a loop. But I like to have things like that. And normally in fantasy novels I don't make big differences in things like time, units of measurement. Or other things, like Roshar has a lower gravity than Earth. I don't deal with that in a lot of the fantasy books; I like to have some of it on Roshar, because one of my pitches to myself in making Roshar was to come up with a fantasy book where the worldbuilding was a little more like a science fiction book's worldbuilding.[8]