Brightlord Resi
Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi (implied)
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Abilities Shardbearer
Appears in The Way of Kings

Brightlord Resi is the only full Shardbearer in Highprince Thanadal's army. His Shardplate is painted yellow. In Thanadal's princedom, the tradition for centuries had been to appoint the holder of Resi's Shards as someone known as the Royal Defender.[1]


Resi was challenged to a duel by Adolin after House Thanadal insulted Dalinar. Resi and Adolin duel in the arena near the King's palace, outside the warcamps; Resi in his favored Stonestance, Adolin in Windstance. Resi attacks first, though he eventually grows sloppy, until he is no longer able to bear the weight of his Shardplate. Resi loses the duel, cursing audibly.[1]


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