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Drawing by Isaac Stewart

A bridgeman is a member of a bridge crew. The crew's role is to bring large, mobile bridges to the chasms in the Shattered Plains so that soldiers might cross the gaps between plateaus during battles and chasmfiend hunts.[1]

Bridgemen are typically slaves, thieves, deserters, and/or foreigners,[2] though they can sometimes be enlisted soldiers who are being punished. They earn two clearmarks a day.[3]

Bridge crews can range from 25 to 40 members. Any number less than 25 bridgemen in a crew would cause a bridge to topple for certain.

According to Moash ...

You carried anything valuable you had with you on a bridge run; other bridgemen might steal it if you left it behind.[4]

Artwork by Artur Mosca[1]

Life as a bridgeman is extremely dangerous, as they tend to be fodder for enemy arrow fire as they attempt to lay down a bridge to an enemy's plateau. When in formation, the five men in front of a bridge are considered to be the deathline.[4]

A bridge crew was also required to bring up a specific amount of salvage or face docked pay for the week, but the quota wasn't onerous. Enough to keep the bridgemen working, but not enough to force them to fully exert themselves. Like most bridgeman work, this was meant to keep them occupied as much as anything else.[5]

In Kaladin's assessment, being a bridgeman was still a death sentence.[1]

A bridgeman who survived was, by definition, a bridgeman who had failed.

–Kaladin's thoughts[1]

After the battle at the Tower, Dalinar bought all of Sadeas's bridgemen in exchange for the former's Shardblade. The bridgemen were given the choice to take money and leave or become soldiers in Dalinar's warcamp.[6][7][8][9]

Bridge Crews[]

Bridge Four[]

Bridge Four
Fan art by kirrys[2]

This crew was formerly in the army of Highprince Sadeas. It is perceived as one of the worst bridgecrews of which to be a member, due to the remarkably high mortality rate of its members when compared to that of other bridgecrews. After the battle at the Tower, Dalinar freed the bridgemen[6][7][8][9] and Bridge Four became the king's honor guard, yet chose to retain their title, 'Bridge Four'.

Bridge Four (Honor Guard) Commander[]

The symbol and glyph of Bridge Four. Kaladin's men wear it on their Honor Guard uniforms.

  • Kaladin

Bridge Four (Honor Guard) Sub-Commanders[]

Kaladin's Sub-Squad:[2]

  • Moash - A strong, younger man with a hawkish face.
  • Rock - An Unkalaki, he is a hefty, thick-limbed man with tan skin and deep red hair. He is seven feet tall and has a powerful torso.[10][4]
  • Skar - A keen-eyed man with a short, wiry, square beard and short, dark hair and angular features.[11]
  • Teft - A former military man with command experience and spear training.

Bridge Four Bridgemen[]