Stormlight Archive Wiki
Type Town
Location Bavland
Inhabitants Bavlanders

Bornwater is the largest mining town in Bavland on Roshar.[1]

The buildings there are earthen ones, built with clay and soil. In the richer sections of town, buildings have more space between homes. The citylord's local mansion is three stories tall, with a stone wall surrounding its compact, neatly gardened grounds.[1]

The low sounds there are the thunder and whinnies of wild horses on the plains.[1]

There is a smell of refuse there; a pungency compounded by weeks spent marinating.[1]

On the outskirts of town, the ground is spotted with bulbous rockbuds. As Szeth passes them, the plants rustle, pulling back their vines and lethargically closing their shells.[1]

Gavashaw moved into Bornwater and opened his own gambling den to challenge Makkek.[1]


It is in a lait, protected by a towering cliffside to the east.[1]