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Biographical information
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Dead
Occupation Mercenary
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Bluth was a mercenary working for Tvlakv when Kaladin was enslaved. He wields a cudgel and threatens those men enslaved with it.[1]

He was responsible for adjusting the sides of the wagon in which Kaladin was transported in order to expose him to the rain so that he might be clean when they arrived at their destination.[2]

When around commissioned troops, Bluth and Tag played their part, walking with their chests out and hands on their weapons. They shoved a few of the slaves into place, but stayed clear of Kaladin.[3]

He also traveled with Shallan across the Shattered Plains in a caravan. After Bluth watched a company of deserters jog toward another caravan that was being attacked by bandits, he actually whooped and joined the deserters charging toward the battle.[4]

He was killed while defending that other caravan. Shallan closed Bluth's eyes, not looking at the ripped-out hole in his torso, the bloody entrails.[5]

However, she noticed something poking out of his jacket. Stuffed in his pocket, was her picture of him. The one that depicted him not as he was, but as she imagined he might once have been. A soldier in an army, in a crisp uniform. Eyes forward, rather than looking down all the time. A hero.[5]

"I was wrong," she whispered. "You were a fine way to restart my collection, Bluth. Fight well for the Almighty in your sleep, bold one."

–Shallan to Bluth[5]

Tvlakv proposed that Bluth was in league with the deserters. He told Shallan that on the first night, when Bluth came running back to the camp, he'd met with them and promised to let them take her if he could share in the wealth. He said that was why they didn't immediately kill her when she went to speak with them.[5]

But Shallan counters that if that were the case, why did Bluth come back and warn them that night? Why did he flee with them, instead of just letting his 'friends' kill them right then?[5]

Tvlakv then realizes that his supposition about Bluth makes no sense.[5]


According to Kaladin, Bluth had a slablike face and an ample chin.[1]

He is also described as flat-faced.[2]

He wears a leather coat and a hat with a brim against the rain.[2]