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Type Country
Location Jah Keved, Roshar
Inhabitants Bavs or Bavlanders

Bavland is a small land bordering Jah Keved, southwest of the Horneater Peaks. Technically it is a part of the Jah Keved princedom, though it is mostly ignored by the highprince there.

Bavland has many small mines and villages. The mines make for a lot of transient workers there. Took was one such who wandered through this area with Szeth, who was then his slave.[1]

In the town of Ironsway, Took was killed and Szeth became the slave of the footpads that killed his former master.[1]

Notable Places[]

Notable People[]


Bav is the native language of Bavland.[1]

In one of the local dialects there, "kurp" means child.[1]