Herald Betab
Drawing by Isaac Stewart
Biographical information
Race Herald
Gender Female
Status Alive
Abilities Surgebinding
Social Information
Aliases Battah, Battah'Elin
Occupation Herald of the Almighty
Appears in The Way of Kings (mentioned),
Words of Radiance (mentioned),
Oathbringer (mentioned)

Battar is one of the ten Heralds of the Almighty. She is associated with the number Betab, the essence Tallow, and the attributes of Wisdom and Care.[1] She is the patron Herald of the order of Knights Radiant known as Elsecallers.

In the Vorin religion, the Alethi associate her with Wisdom, and she is called Battah in modern Alethkar.

Warning Book Spoiler: Significant plot details follow.

Taravangian identifies a woman going by the name of Dova, at Kharbranth, as Battah'Elin, a Herald. He says, " ... she told us the Desolation was approaching."[2]


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