Balat Davar
Biographical information
Ethnicity Jah Kevedian
Nationality Jah Kevedian
Gender Male
Born 1150
Status Alive
Social Information
Title(s) Nan Balat
Family House Davar
Appears in The Way of Kings,
Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Balat Davar, or Nan Balat, is the second son of Brightlord Lin Davar, younger brother to Helaran, and older brother to Asha Jushu, Tet Wikim, and Shallan. He is betrothed to Eylita.

The term Nan appears to be a title for the oldest son, since - before his death or disappearance - his older brother, Helaran, was titled Nan. He and his sister were largely exempt from his father's brutal temper, as his older and younger brothers were not.

Nan Balat suffers from an injury that left him with a limp and constant pain. His injury requires him to walk with a cane, and there is no information on what the cause or accident was. He enjoys the act of killing small animals such as cremlings. He has been raising axehounds since he was young.[1] After exchanging letters (presumably romantic ones) with Eylita, Balat's sadistic tendencies wane. Shallan attributes his change of heart to his blossoming romance with Eylita.[citation needed]


By the end of Words of Radiance, Nan Balat is twenty-four years old.