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Type Country
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Babath

Babatharnam is a country on Roshar. To its northeast, it is bordered by Marabethia; to its east, by the Purelake; to its southeast, by Yulay; to its south/southwest/west, by mountains; to its northwest, by Rira; and to its north, by the Reshi Sea. It has very peculiar trees.

The entire plant - trunk and all - lies down when a highstorm approaches, as if built on hinges.[1]

Sigzil visited there once with his master. He was thrown in prison three times during his and his master's visit there.[1]


"You see, the elderly are given office. The older you are, the more authority you have. Everyone gets a chance to rule, if they live long enough. The King is called the Most Ancient."

–Sigzil to Moash[1]


The ruler is chosen by age. The older one is, the more authority one has. Everyone gets a chance to rule, if they live long enough. The king is called the "Most Ancient."[1]

Currently, the Monavakah Dynasty reigns and they execute anyone who gets old enough to challenge them.[1]



The Babath are quite particular about how one speaks and, thus, are easily offended.[1]


Babath women have patterns of veins that sit shallowly beneath their skin. Some visitors find it unnerving. Sigzil found the patterns beautiful. Almost irresistible.[1]


Rock's cousin cousin cousin visited Babatharnam once. He stated that they have very tasty snails there.[1]