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Axies the Collector

Axies the Collector
Fan art by pmendicant[1]

Biographical information
Ethnicity Siah Aimian
Nationality Aimian
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Eye Color Deep Blue
Occupation Scholar
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance

Axies is a scholar who has made it his life's work to observe, catalogue, and study every single type of spren on Roshar. He often writes his notes on his body because he's regularly robbed of everything he owns, including his clothing. (If he didn't write on himself, he'd lose his notes.) In The Way of Kings, he awakens in an alleyway in Kasitor, a large Iriali city, second in size only to Rall Ellorim.[1]

While incarcerated, Axies attempted to confirm the existence of alespren, sudspren or intoxicationspren ... a type of spren rumored to appear when one is extremely intoxicated, but that appeared only infrequently in Iri. Having been robbed of everything (including his clothing), he'd been arrested and escorted to jail, where he hoped to observe captivityspren.[1]

After being released from jail - or escaping from it (Axies did not discover the captivityspren while he was held) - he made his way to the docks in order to study the strange silver spren that inhabit the larger crustaceans of Roshar. He drew his share of stares. Once Axies arrived, he quickly got the attention of the local population. Even so, he found a place to stand, adjusted his blanket around him, and eventually watched as the immense spren, Cusicesh the Protector, emerged from the water.[1]

Despite that, he was soon rendered naked - yet again - by a street urchin who scrabbled past him and grabbed his wrap from him, Axies remained pleased that he'd have yet another opportunity to seek captivityspren while incarcerated.[1]


Axies is a lanky man with pale white skin verging on blue. His skin is covered with hundreds upon hundreds of small, intricate tattoos. He has blue fingernails and deep blue eyes.[2]


  • He can change the color and markings of his skin at will, keeping notes on his skin, at least until he can return to a safe location and transcribe them. (He once got so drunk that that he wrote his observations someplace inconvenient and reading the mess had required two mirrors and a very confused bathing attendant.)[1]
  • He sculpts his body, as he did to his nose to remove his ability to smell.
  • He uses mental focus to remove headaches.
  • His shadow is toward the light, not away from it.[1] (It's worth noting that when Jasnah had a flashback to the night of her father's murder, she had an episode with her spren and, for a moment, her shadow pointed towards light instead of away from it.[3] This is also a trait unique to Axies' race.)
  • He states that he is being followed by The Curse of Kind.[1]


Rysn encounter Axies by accident on one of the Reshi Isles upon which she's been encouraged by her Babsk to negotiate a trade. Axies is hanging upside down, tied by his feet to a point at the top of a greatshell, and wearing only a loincloth.[2]

Axies is asked just what fell curses he brought upon the Reshi people by Kylrm (ostensibly to warrant his present predicament).[2]

"Improper puns," the man said lazily. "And a stench from something I ate that did not sit well with me." [2]

Axies instructed Rysn not to ask the Reshi about the soul of their god ... for various reasons.[2]