Drawing by Ben McSweeney

Axehounds are domesticated, dog-like creatures with arthropod traits, found on Roshar. Noted for their intelligence and their trumpeting vocalizations, they are often kept as pets.[1]


Axehounds have angular heads which have two sensitive antennae and ear holes. Supported by six legs, axehounds have scaly hides. Their bodies are covered with some fusion of carapace and skin, smooth to the touch and more pliable than true carapace. Bigger axehounds come up to a man's waist and weigh as much as one ton.[1]

They are lean creatures who run on four legs with the two front claws pulled in close to the body. They barely have shells on them, and (according to Lift) this makes them good eating.[2]

Wild axehounds are larger and hunt in clusters. The Selay breed are said to be similar to axehounds but as different as Parshendi and parshmen.[citation needed]

Known AxehoundsEdit