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Ars Arcanum (enlarged, typo corrected)

The Ars Arcanum, an appendix appearing in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and Oathbringer, is a description of certain magical elements of Roshar, confirmed to be compiled by Khriss.[1]

It lists traditional Vorin symbolism associated with the ten numbers, ten gemstones, ten essences, body foci, Soulcasting properties, and Primary and Secondary Divine Attributes.

Bound together, these [symbols] form the Double Eye of the Almighty, an eye with two pupils representing the creation of plants and creatures.[2] This is also the basis for the hourglass shape that was associated with the Knights Radiant.

Ancient scholars also placed the ten orders of Knights Radiant on this list, alongside the Heralds themselves, each of whom had a classical association with one of the numbers and Essences.

The Ars Arcanum also includes notes on the ten Surges, the creation of different types of fabrials, on the Lashings associated with two types of Surgebinding, specifically those associated with the Windrunners, and on Lightweaving.


The printed version of the book contains a typo switching the Divine Attributes "Learned/Giving" and "Just/Confident". This has been confirmed by Peter, Brandon's assistant.[3]