Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical Description
Eye Color Brown
Occupation Soldier
Appears in Oathbringer

Aric is the soldier who apprehends Kaladin as he is skulking about Hearthstone post-Everstorm.[1]

Kaladin allows him to escort him into Roshone's manor there, and he walks Kaladin along a candlelit hallway, then passes through the kitchens.[1]

When Kaladin hears a moan close by, he asks the soldier whether there are wounded therein, to which the soldier replies "Yeah, but ... ."[1]

As Kaladin then encounters his father, the soldier catches up with him, shouldering past gawking townspeople and waving his mace toward Kaladin like a baton. Kaladin sidesteps absently, then pushes the man so he stumbles farther down the hallway.[1]

Later, after Kaladin has brandished Syl as a Shardblade to establish ranking order in the town, Aric addresses Kaladin as Brightlord and tells him that the town's parshmen were gone when they went back to check on them. That they'd locked the door to their quarters, but the side was ripped clean open.[2]

Later still, after having given Kaladin his name, Aric describes the passing of the parshmen through the town. He says that they looked like Voidbringers, with " ... big bony bits jutting from their skin."[2]

Aric then asks of Kaladin to tell the king of Hearthstone's plight. That the storm had ripped away four of their silos. That they'll be starving before too long, with all the refugees flooding into the town and no food to provide. That when the highstorms start coming again, they won't have half as many homes as they need.[2]


He is described as a short, clean-shaven fellow with brown eyes that seem set a little too close together. To Kaladin, the man's rusted cap/helm is a disgrace.[1][2]


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