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Ardents are Vorin priests and religious scholars or monk-like members of the ardentia who follow and teach the Vorin religion. Addressed with titles of "Brother" or "Sister", each ardent belongs to one of the Devotaries.


Upon joining the ardentia, a new priest might choose a new name.[1]

A new life, a new name, often a simple one.

Lhan's thoughts[1]

There are ardents who train to fight unarmed in hand-to-hand combat.[2]

Male ardents are often described as having square beards, and all ardents shave their heads bald.[3]

Ardents don't normally come out during the day, though Adolin observes - in an irregular visitation - that they chant in unison, wear bloodred robes, and display sparkling fabrials across the backs of their palms.[4]

The Hierocracy[]

The Hierocracy is considered the failure of Vorinism, and is also called the War of Loss. During this time period, ardents attempted to conquer the world and control the people, "for their own good."

Priests controlled what people learned, what religious paths they followed, and the overall doctrine. The priests claimed to see visions and prophesy, and claimed that the common people could not understand theology.[5]

These priests were eventually cast down by Sunmaker.

Present Day[]

Since the Hierocracy, ardents are "owned" by the rulers and highprinces of Roshar. They aren't supposed to engage in politics and are officially forbidden to do so.[6] Shallan mentions that her father owns three elderly ardents.[7] Kadash, an ardent owned by Dalinar, tells Adolin that Dalinar is not his religious superior, but that Dalinar " ... is the Almighty's guardian of this people, set to watch me and make certain I don't rise above my station."[5]

Ardents minister to the people and assist members of the Vorin community to reach "Points in their Glories and Callings".[7] They are no longer permitted to own property or participate in politics, but some weasel their way into doing so. For example, Brother Kabsal through his position as a member of the Ghostbloods.

Further, with regard to Dalinar's visions, Kadash tells Dalinar that he tells the ardents of the Holy Enclave that Dalinar is looking back toward when the Knights Radiant were pure, rather than their eventual corruption.[8]

Notable Ardents[]

Other Ardents[]

  • Brother Lhanin - An ardent to whom Kabsal lost a bet..[7]
  • Brother Kadash - An ardent owned by Dalinar.[5]
  • Brother Ladent - An ardent owned by Dalinar.[10]
  • Brother Tadet - An ardent owned by Dalinar.[10]
  • Brother Habsant - An ardent owned by King Taravangian of Kharbranth.[11]
  • Brother Ixil - An ardent owned by King Taravangian.[12]
  • Brother Mungam - An ardent owned by King Taravangian who runs the hospital in which Shallan heals after her "accident."[13]
  • Sister Zeheb - An ardent who brings a scroll to Kaladin.[14]
  • Sister Ellista - An ardent in the Devotary of the Mind at Jokasha Monastery in Jah Keved.[15]
  • Brother Bettam - An ardent in the Devotary of the Mind at Jokasha Monastery in Jah Keved.[15]
  • Brother Urv - An ardent in the Devotary of the Mind at Jokasha Monastery in Jah Keved.[15]
  • Sister Talanah - An ardent with whom Navani keeps her private store of wine in the monastery.[16]