Biographical information
Gender Male
Status Unknown
Occupation Apothecary
Appears in The Way of Kings

The apothecary is an old man who shuffles, stoops forward, and walks with a cane, at Kaladin's first glance. However, once Kaladin expresses to him that he - Kaladin - is the son of a surgeon, the apothecary stands up straighter and puts aside his cane. He then doesn't seem as frail, his step is firmer, and his voice loses its whispering raspiness.[1]

The apothecary attempts to sell to Kaladin substances inferior to those that Kaladin requests of him, indicating that this is because Kaladin is a bridgeman.[1]

The apothecary haggles with Kaladin over the price of several of the substances and Kaladin settles on the price for bandages, gut and a needle.[1]

However, when Kaladin attempts to pay for his purchases, the four marks he presents to the apothecary are changed; one is still glowing with soft crystal light and the other three are dull, the bits of diamond barely visible at the center of the drops of glass. The apothecary selected three marks, including the glowing one, after removing his jeweler's loupe which allowed him to see the quality of the spheres at their source.[1]

Reluctantly, the apothecary traded the glowing sphere for a dead one at Kaladin's request.[1]

"Always keep a glowing sphere in your pocket," Kaladin said. "It's good luck."

"If you get caught in the dark, you'll have light ... ." [1]


His face is full of chasms, weaving out in a pattern from his deeply recessed eyes. He wears spectacles on the tip of his nose, and dresses in dark robes. He is short and wears a wispy white beard.[1]

"He's old'" Syl said with awe, flitting around the apothecary. "Really old. I didn't know men got this old. You sure he's not decayspren wearing a man's skin?" [1]


The apothecary's shop has wooden walls draped with cloth glyphwards styled in cryptic patterns, and behind the counter are shelves with rows of jars. A full human skeleton hangs in a far corner, held together with wires. It is a windowless room lit with bundles of garnet spheres hanging from the corners.[1]


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