All's Alley is a tavern in the city of Urithiru. It's not an alley at all, but a big set of five tents sewn together, each a different color. It glows dimly from within.[1]

There's a bouncer out front and, once inside, it smells bad with all the drunken people crammed together. The tents were sewn to create partitioned-off areas - darkened nooks, and a few have tables and chairs instead of boxes. The people who sit at them don't wear the simple clothing of workers, but instead leathers, rags, or unbuttoned military coats.[1]

Despite oil lamps on some tables, the room is quite dim. The "bar" is a plank set across some boxes, but a cloth had been draped over the middle. A few people there wait for drinks. Veden saph, single barrel, is proclaimed to be the strongest drink served, though Horneater white is available if one persist in asking for something stronger.[1]

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