Unstylized version of Aladar's Glyph

Biographical information
Ethnicity Alethi
Nationality Alethi
Gender Male
Status Alive
Social Information
Title(s) Brightlord, Highprince,
Highprince of Information
Family May Aladar (daughter)
Occupation Highprince of Information
Appears in The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer

Aladar is a Highprince of Alethkar. His princedom is one of the northernmost in Alethkar. Following the announcement of the Vengeance Pact, he traveled with his army to the Shattered Plains. His warcamp was the closest to the King's stable.[citation needed]

Around the time that Kaladin arrived on the Shattered Plains, Highprince Aladar began talking of taking a short vacation back to Alethkar.[1]

Aladar was one of only three Highprinces to, quite unexpectedly, accompany Dalinar to the center of the Shattered Plains to assault the Parshendi and locate the Oathgate.[2]

After arriving in Urithiru, given the murder of Sadeas by Adolin at the end of Words of Radiance,[3] Dalinar names Aladar the new Highprince of Information, in command of the judgment and law of the city. Dalinar wants Aladar to establish order in Urithiru and make sure that the highprinces have clearly delineated realms of control within it. Further, Dalinar wants him to build a policing force, and patrol the hallways. And, he wants him to keep the peace, preventing clashes between soldiers.[4]


Aladar is a distinguished bald man with dark tan skin.[4]