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Drawing by Isaac Stewart
Type City
Location Aimia
Inhabitants Aimians

Akinah (also known by The Rock of Secrets, The Void's Playground, and dozens of other unknown names) is a city in Aimia, an island west of the mainland of Roshar. The city was built among natural stone formations, presumably sometime during or before the Heraldic Epochs. Its underlying stone pattern exhibits a ten part divine symmetry, accentuated when the city is viewed from above.

The city plans are found in the Palanaeum and were a basis for a study into the natural symmetry of world cities. It is one of the standard four cities within which patterns can be reproduced with a cymatic plate.[1]


In Oathbringer, I-4 Kaza, a group of sailors and Kaza approach the island to uncover its hidden secrets. Soon after every member is poisoned by The Cook, who is presumed to be a sibling of the Sleepless. She poisons everyone to protect Akinah from the discovery of men.