Type Nation/Kingdom
Location Roshar
Inhabitants Aimians

Aimia is an island nation/kingdom separated from the rest of Roshar by the Aimian Sea.


Silver Kingdoms

Roshar: Silver Kingdom Epochs
Artwork by Isaac Stewart

Aimia was one of the Silver Kingdoms that survived the Desolations and was a nation in the Era of Solitude. More recently, it has retained the same borders, though it has been scoured of most of its people, probably in warring over the valuable creatures known as lanceryn. When the last lanceryn was killed, it was assumed that there were no surviving beasts with gemhearts until the chasmfiends of the Shattered Plains were discovered.[1]


Aimians are not human.[2] There are two races of Aimians: Siah[3] and Dysian[4]. However, they both have deep blue, crystalline eyes and blue fingernails. They cast shadows the wrong way - toward light, instead of away from it. All Aimians can change the markings on their skin at will.[5] This talent can be used to take notes.[4]

Notable AimiansEdit


So, just why does Jasnah's shadow point the wrong way in the Prologue of Words of Radiance?[10]. She is, obviously, not Aimian.

↑This is because she was beginning to see/experience Shadesmar. As her Nahel bond first emerged, her connection to the Cognitive Realm strengthened. This is first shown by her shadow behaving as it does in Shadesmar, and serves as a build up to her first 'full-dive' experience later in the Prologue.


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